Mouth Guards/Sports Guards in Arlington

If your child plays sports or participates in “extreme” activities like skateboarding or BMX, a mouth guard or sports guard from Shirlington Pediatric Dentistry can help keep their smile safe.

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Mouth Guards/Sports Guards In Arlington

Why Should I Get My Child A Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards for sports are highly-effective at preventing oral injuries in contact sports, or activities where your child could slip and fall and injure their teeth. With a custom-made mouth guard from Dr. Shwetha Rai, your child can do their favorite activities without risking their dental health. Contact us today to get the protection your kids need.

Mouth Guards/Sports Guards In Arlington

Did you know…

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Contact sport athletes who wear mouth guards have a 5x lower risk of dental injuries compared to those who do not wear mouth guards while playing sports.

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The Benefits Of Mouth Guards/Sports Guards

Injury prevention

Wearing a mouth guard dramatically reduces the risk of cracked, broken, loose, or knocked-out teeth. According to some studies, wearing a sports guard may also help reduce the risk of concussion in contact sports.

Secure, stable, comfortable fit

There are “over-the-counter” sports guards that you can buy to protect your child’s teeth. But compared to these, custom sports mouth guards from Shirlington Pediatric Dentistry are more comfortable, secure, and stable.

Peace of mind

You’ll know that your child’s oral health is protected while they're practicing, competing, and enjoying their favorite sports and hobbies.

The Sports Mouth Guard Fitting Process

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Taking impressions and images

To begin, Dr. Rai will clean your child’s teeth. Then, she will use our iTero digital scanner to take a digital scan of your child’s mouth. This information will be used to create their custom-fitted mouth guard.

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Building the mouth guard

With the help of our partner dental lab, Dr. Rai will design and craft your child’s mouth guard. Our sports mouth guards use an interior cushioning layer of soft plastic that protects your child’s teeth, and a hard outer layer that helps provide impact resistance.

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Picking up their mouth guard

Once your child’s sports mouth guard arrives at our office in a few weeks, you’ll come back to our office to pick it up. Then, they can get the protection they need while they're playing sports or participating in other hobbies that may have a high risk of oral injuries.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Even if they're wearing their mouthguard, your child could have a sports-related dental emergency. If that happens, Dr. Rai and the team at Shirlington Pediatric Dentistry have your back. We offer same-day emergency pediatric dentistry in Arlington. Give us a call at (703) 646-1805 and tell us about the situation, and Dr. Rai and our team will see you ASAP.

Whenever they're playing a contact sport, or participating in any other activity that could cause damage to their teeth. Some examples include team sports like basketball, hockey, football, soccer, and lacrosse. Others include skateboarding, BMX, rollerblading, and other hobbies and activities where your child could slip, fall, and injure their teeth.

Your child should store their mouth guard in the case whenever they're not wearing it, and rinse their sports mouth guard after wearing it. And, on days when they wear their mouth guard, they should also brush it to remove germs and keep their sports guard clean and fresh.

Your child can use a toothbrush and unscented antibacterial soap to clean their mouth guard. They should use warm (not hot) water, since really hot water could warp their mouth guard. For an even deeper clean, your child can use denture cleaning tablets to soak their sports mouth guard once per week.

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